Many of us were raised and brought up into adulthood thinking that the conventional medicine, drugs and surgery are the healing elements we have to use.  This doesn’t become meaningful until after we’ve become sick and told there are no options for you but pills or live in pain. The old paradigm is breaking down before our eyes as a new one begins, and happily; one moving towards our ancient roots, energy healing and old home remedies.

The healing process requires you to have faith and trust your practitioner.

The various healing modalities available to you is that of preference and understanding that the art of healing begins with the connection of your inner essences that can support the body’s own healing abilities and not a cure for physical ailments.  Some have defined energy healing as a spiritual practice and it truly has no religious connection.


If mediation brings to mind robed & turban monks in a far-away monastery on top of a mountain, stripped of any earthly possessions—you may be over thinking this! Meditation is available to everyone and anyone who is striving to reconnect with a simpler, more peaceful and less stressful way of…


Crystals are powerful healing tools and you can us them to boost and help with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health; and they can support your romantic life, help you and your children sleep better, amplify your healing and assist you in feeling happier and peaceful. 


Humans through out history have relied on natural remedies before the invention or modern medicine and synthetic drugs. Today, with the number of side affects to prescription drugs and over the counter self mediations; people are now rekindling the lost art of home remedies that our ancestries used. 

Alternative Health Options

The healing arts of energy is moving into the alternative health care options quickly,powerfully and none to soon. The healing arts of energy is moving into the alternative health care options quickly, powerfully and none to soon. We as a society, have come to the end of our journey in