Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that has evolved over centuries to become a means of alleviating stress and anxiety, a form of “meditation in motion.” It has
long been known in China that the internal energy generated by Tai Chi is good for one’s health. Advocates claim that it promotes serenity and inner peace.

Tai Chi has been shown to improve balance control, fitness, and flexibility. It improves gait, posture and reduces the risk of falls in seniors and others.Tai Chidecreases joint pain, muscle pain and will increase a fuller range of motion.


Tai Chi is considered to be safe for all ages as it does not put too much stress on the muscles and joints. Can be done standing, sitting or laying down.The benefits of Tai Chi has been said to include the reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, and the enhancement of mood both in healthy people and those with chronic conditions.

Some of the benefits claimed for Tai Chi include